Archbishop Aquila

Our Shepherd

Archbishop Aquila

Media missed synod’s testimonies of joy

October 27, 2014

In the days since the Synod on the Family ended, I have had some people tell me they are confused or worried about the results of the gathering. Many of them have listened to the secular media reports that openly advocate for the Church to change her teaching on marriage and human sexuality, but they… Read more »

George Weigel

The Catholic Difference

George Weigel

Frank Wolf: An Appreciation

October 28, 2014

For the first time since 1978, Frank Wolf’s name will not appear on the November ballot in Virginia’s Tenth Congressional District. The Republic will be the poorer for that. Virginia’s 10th CD includes territory familiar to James Madison. And it’s not hard to imagine the Father of the Constitution and Bill of Rights taking deep… Read more »

Matt and Mindy Dalton

Marriage Missionaries

Matt and Mindy Dalton

The Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of Life

October 10, 2014

We entered marriage in 1991 with our own ideas dominating our thoughts and actions of what marriage was all about, specifically the teaching on openness to life. What does the Church know about marriage, let alone being a father or mother? Does the Church realize how much money it takes to raise children? We only… Read more »

Are we a culture that can’t escape zombies?

October 30, 2014

Denver's 9th annual Zombie Crawl parades up the 16th Street Mall Oct. 18.

One of the signs that we live in a culture of death is our obsession with “dead things” like zombies. The presence of these “undead” or “living dead” is ubiquitous, pervading books, video games, TV and movies. Lest we are tempted to think these creatures a passing fad, the economics say otherwise: they generate an… Read more »

Larry Smith

Call to Charity

Larry Smith

Fight for life with Jason Jones Jan. 31

October 15, 2014

I’ve written previously about “The real war on women: a life of poverty.” Here’s the reality: “The culture asks women to contracept. Then, when they become pregnant, it asks them to abort. If they don’t abort and keep the child, many times they are ostracized from their family or violently abused by a partner. They… Read more »

Fr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk

Making Sense of Bioethics

Fr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk

Of proxies and POLSTs: The good and the bad in end-of-life planning

September 16, 2014

Planning for end-of-life situations is important. We should put in place an advance directive before our health takes a serious turn for the worse and we are no longer able to indicate our own wishes or make our own decisions. Advance directives can be of two types: living wills and health care agents. The best… Read more »

Chris Stefanick

Real Life Catholic

Chris Stefanick

Dark Horse

August 28, 2014

Hip-hop and rap “love songs” seem to be ever more about the person singing or rapping, and about their sexual prowess, power, or wealth (aka “bling”), than about the object of their affection. It’s so self-absorbed it’s embarrassing, or at least it would be if their fan base took the time to think critically about… Read more »

Don’t forget your angel

October 21, 2014

Many of us forget, apart from the rosary, the month of October is also dedicated to the holy angels. Some are unaware of this supernatural reality, or relegate it to cute little images of angels who spend eternity sitting comfortably on billowing white clouds strumming on a harp; or childlike angels who swoop around, giggling… Read more »

Guest Column

Tina McCormick

A saint for everybody

October 30, 2014


All Saints’ Day, Nov. 1, the faithful pay tribute to canonized saints—those believed to already be in heaven based on a life “lived in fidelity to God’s grace” (CCC, No. 828). While All Saints’ Day is traditionally recognized as a holy day of obligation, it is not this year since it falls on a Saturday,… Read more »